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Pagerwesi Day


Pagerwesi Ceremony

Pagerwesi is the day when the Balinese strengthen their minds and souls against evil forces.

Etymologically Pagerwesi derives from the two Balinese words pager and wesi, which means fence and iron. The iron fence is a symbol of strong self-protection and on pagerwesi the Balinese focuses on building a strong personal fortification to ensure that evil don’t enter their minds, speech and deeds, so won’t do harm their surroundings.

The God who is worshipped on Pagerwesi is Sanghyang Paramesti Guru or God Siva – the god who is responsible to wipe out all the bad and evil entities in the world. Also known as teacher or guru of the universe, Sanghyang Paramesti Guru, also leads and teaches human on how to live their life appropriately, without giving in to bad behavior and evil desires.


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