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is a prominent name for Eid Ul Fitr in Indonesia. Indonesians also call it as Idul Fitri. Did you know that Arabic language is the most difficult and complicated language in the world? Therefore, many Muslims prefer to use the term ‘Lebaran’ as a substitute to the Arabic word ‘Eid-Ul-Fitr’. Lebaran 2015 is also going to be a major national holiday in the country like every year. Lebaran is celebrated in order to mark the end of the month of Ramadan and is held on the first day of Shawwal after the sighting of the crescent moon. It lasts for two days in Indonesia, although the government declares bank holiday before and after Lebaran.

History of Lebaran

The term ‘Lebaran’ is derived from the Javanese word lebar which means finished. The word is then wrapped up in the Indonesian language with an additional suffix “an”, so it becomes a colloquial jargon for celebration when the fasting month ends. Another belief is that Lebaran is derived from Betawi which means wide and broad. So, the celebration means to broaden and widen one’s heart after the holy month of fasting. Madurese people have a identical word called lober which describes the completion of the 30 days of fasting. Whereas, in the Indonesian dictionary it is defined as a Muslim holiday that falls on the 1st of Shawwal ( the 10th month of the lunar Islamic calendar).

Lebaran is so sacred to the Muslims that no one would want to miss the moment. It is a time to forgive each other’s faults.  Many Muslims, particularly unskilled workers, laborers, and people belonging to lower classes pay a visit to their hometown to celebrate with their families and ask for forgiveness from elders. People often wish each other Ramadan Mubarak or send each other some beautiful messages or quotes.

On Lebaran 2015, special meals will be served such as ketupat, opor ayamsambal goreng ati, sayur lodeh and lemang, rendang and a variety of snacks like cookies, dates and dodol. Zakat is given on this day to the poor and needy and is mandatory. It is a festival that brings joy and harmony among Muslims. Lebaran 2015 is expected to have a large number of people who would travel to jubilation this festival. However, we believe that you do not need to anticipate Lebaran in order to ask for forgiveness, you can repent and say sorry anytime of the year. After all, we are humans.


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